Burst pipe – causes and the extent of damage it does

Pipe bursting is one of the most common problems in plumbing. It happens on a regular basis, especially with pipes that were installed several decades ago. Other issues will also cause pipes to burst which causes problems an amateur can’t fix quickly. That can cause thousands of damages to the household, and if it isn’t fixed well, it will happen again shortly.

Pipe burstingThe causes that can lead to pipe bursting

The best possible way for a pipe to burst is if freezes. This means that water goes bellow the freezing point and its contraction causes the pipe to break. This type of accident won’t cause as much damage as the majority of the water is frozen. But water pressure can still force excess water to rush through a crack in a pipe which can do extensive damage to the property (even a one-eight inch crack will leak over 250 gallons of water just in one day).

The pipe freezing won’t cause it to burst if the pipe is properly insulated. Older pipes that have zero insulation, as well as plastic pipes that aren’t as advanced as they make them now, are highly susceptible to freezing.

Other causes of burst pipes – Hard water

Hard waterFreezing temperatures aren’t the only reason of bursting pipes; some other factors can cause it. You might not believe it, but hard water can also cause this problem. As you probably know the hard water contains a lot of calcium and magnesium. The high percentage of these two minerals isn’t harmful to humans; some even have benefits of consuming it. But the pipes don’t handle well this kind of water as these minerals build up within them. The build-up will slow the flow of the water which is a giveaway of the problem on which you should react. The build-up can close the pipe and cause a pipe to burst. It can also corrode some pipes and make holes that will leak water. In either case, the low water flow should alarm you. Calla professional to replace the pipes as that is the only solution in this case.

Other issues exist, but they aren’t easily preventable

Other causes can lead to burst pipes, but in general, you can’t notice or prevent them. You won’t see a bad installation until it’s too late. This kind of issue isn’t for amateurs so don’t even try to fix it as you might make it even worse.