How to deal with small plumbing problems without any help

A plumber is professional when it comes to plumbing, and they won’t just fix an issue they will make sure that it doesn’t happen again shortly. But if you call a plumber for every single problem then you will have to take loans just to cover the fees.

It’s better to learn how to fix small plumbing problems as you will save some cash. This applies to small issues, so if there is a problem you can’t recognize, or you don’t have tools to fix it, then call us, and we will send a professional to sort it out.Plumbing problems

Plunger – The most useful plumbing tool

The plunger is the first tool you should use if there is a clogged toilet or a drain. It will sort the majority of the problems, and you won’t have to take apart the pipe system. The plunger will also tell you the nature of the problem, whether it is a grease or clump of hair.

You don’t have to buy an expensive plunger; a regular one will do the job. Do wear gloves and a mask for protection, as toilets and drains are home to bacteria that could cause sickness if it comes in contact with your skin. If plunger fails to solve the issue after a couple of tries, then it’s time to call professionals.

Other plumbing problems and how to fix them

A very annoying problem is a leaky fixture. It wastes water and makes people crazy due to sound it creates. You can try to repair the faucet that leaks with a bit of knowledge and a couple of tools. Remove the valve handle and tighten the nut which is located at the base. Return the handle and check whether the issue is fixed. If that is the case, then call a professional as some parts will have to be changed.

If a pipe bursts then you can fix it with a c clamp and a bit of rubber. You will have to close the water before that. This is just a temporary solution, so be sure to change the pipe or call someone else to do it.